Our Science

A significant amount of research is now questioning the value of many non-scientific wellbeing brands and organisations.

Our research, in collaboration with wellbeing experts, concludes that using scientific methods to effectively support mental and physical wellbeing is key to solving the global problem of overwhelming stress which affects millions of people. Scientific research indicates that stress and mental health issues are on the rise globally since Covid-19 crisis.

Significant evidence highlights a holistic approach involving exercise, nutrition, psychological and social support as the scientific basis to cope with stress, improve emotional wellbeing and build resilience.

Our mission is to provide you with this blend of evidence-based therapy, social support, exercise and nutrition to achieve wellbeing and live your life to the fullest. By using this approach, we support the UN Global Goals of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all, at all ages.

Our team consists of fully qualified and experienced professionals, including doctors, exercise/ personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, scientists and technology experts. They will only ever offer evidence-based information, which is proven to help support your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our science and evidence is solidly based on a humanistic approach to emotional wellbeing. We encourage everyone, our experts and the general public, to discuss their emotional wellbeing openly to destigmatise mental health issues.

We are also different as our experts aim to break down complex topics in an easy to understand format. We will interact with the public in order to understand and address issues on a personal level.

Arian Wellbeing connects you with a clinical psychologist to rapidly formulate a holistic plan to improve your mental wellbeing.