Heal your mind.
Care for your body.

Arian Wellbeing connects you online with a clinical psychologist or physical wellbeing expert to rapidly formulate a holistic plan to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

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A Holistic Approach

Treatment plans that are tailored for you to address mind, body and background as a whole. We provide you with psychological guidance supported by fitness and nutrition.

Multiple Disciplines

Access our team of experienced and diverse psychologists, licensed therapists, personal trainers and nutritionists. Together, we find the right approach for you.

Fast Expert Assessments

Connect straight to a qualified expert, not a bot. Whatever your route to wellbeing, they will oversee the process start to finish.

Our Process

At Arian Wellbeing, we know the importance of keeping your body and mind healthy, we recognise that our body houses our mind and so they are intrinsically related. This has motivated us to develop our unique service offering both mental and physical health therapies as backed by scientific research.

  1. First you choose a pathway, either Mental Wellbeing or Physical Wellbeing.

  2. Connect straight to a psychologist or physical wellbeing expert after filling in a short questionnaire.

  3. Attend your appointment using video or phone call.

  4. Receive your personalised assessment plan and advice to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Experts

Arian Wellbeing is an online mental health provider, made up of a team of highly qualified and diverse professionals who are passionate about helping others. We know that with the right support, tools and guidance, anyone can unlock their potential and start living life on their terms.

Photograph of Dr Waheed Arian

Behind Arian Wellbeing

I'm Dr Waheed Arian, NHS doctor and founder of Arian Wellbeing. The idea for Arian Wellbeing was born from my own journey and struggles with anxiety and PTSD, which stemmed from the immense hardship of my past.

I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan during the Soviet conflict of the 1980s and spent my childhood knowing nothing but war and the fight for survival. I grew up living with the knowledge that every day could have been my last, with the death of friends and family members a constant reality.

Waheed's Story
  • The Times Person of the Year 2021

  • Who Cares Wins Best Doctor 2021

  • Winner of the Rotary International Peace Award 2018

  • UNESCO Global Hero Award 2017

  • Health Service Journal Highly Commended Rising Star 2016

Our Community

We believe in looking outwards, adopting a daily practice of selflessness. Evidence clearly shows the benefits to our mental wellbeing that come with helping others.

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Research shows that Covid-19 infection increases risk of mental health disorders. The pandemic has also accentuated a multitude of difficulties - physical health problems, increased stress, social isolation, financial hardship and coping with changes and loss. After the pandemic that has challenged us all in so many ways, we want to help you get your life back.